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Inspired by similar horror anthologies such as Tales From The Crypt, Are You Afraid Of The Dark and Fear Itself. Fear Society supplants these series as the new face of horror as you accompany and relive the fates of several people who encounter terror on Halloween Night. Tales that include murder, supernatural, mythological creatures, and ancient folklore's are all present in this dark and twisted game.

Meredith, a single mother of one, has had a rough life and to make matters worse her son has started acting out and misbehaving after making a new friend in their apartment complex. When confronted about his behavior and this "new friend", her son mentions someone by the name of "Abby" who lives in Apartment 104. Shocked by this response, the mother sets out to confront the tenant in this room, but there's one problem. Apartment 104 has been vacant for months. In the second story, a man notices a string of disappearances all linked to an abandoned warehouse that is close in proximity to his residence. Accompanied by his best friend Tim, the two set out to investigate the bizarre building. The third story is about a college student who tries to infiltrate a cult, but ends up getting more than she bargained for during her initiation ceremony.

-Multiple Playable Characters
-Creative Story-line
-Horror Anthology
-Puzzles, Traps, Jump-Scares & Urban Legends

More stories will be added later.

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Published59 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Tagshalloween, Horror, Mystery, Point & Click, RPGMaker, supernatural
Player countSingleplayer


Fear Society Demo.zip (118 MB)

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