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What was this made in?

RPG Maker MV

Episode 2 is now playable.

Episode 2 will be released tomorrow.
You can select either Episode 1 or skip to Episode 2.
Added a lot of humor and joke dialogue.(Be prepared to laugh)
Added mini-games.(Orb Zone, Escape The Maze)
Added three new songs(Fear, Dance, Graduation Anthem)
Added objectives.
Added a few more locations.(Bar, School Floors 1-5, Town Of Foxwood, etc.)
Added police tips.(There scattered across the Town Of Foxwood)
The game has been trimmed down to four episodes.
New character is introduced depending on which choice you make in Episode 1.
Made changes to the Winter's Residence
I changed the font for the game. The text should look better and be easier on your eyes

I suggest playing through the game twice, choosing different scenarios so you can see the totality of the story lines and how it intersects with one another. For instance, if you select Episode 2 from the beginning, you will be given two choices. If you select yes the first time and finish the game. Play the game again and select no in your second play-through.

I apologize for any bugs or issues you may encounter. I am trying to play through all the possible scenarios to prevent this.